Stop wasting time and money guessing what Amazon wants you to do.
In the 2016 Seller's Survey 61% of all sellers said their biggest fear was suspension.
Since then Amazon has introduced even more policies and created whole new teams dedicated to scrutinizing seller accounts.
Amazon doesn't care how long you’ve been selling. They don’t care if Seller Support gave you bad advice.


And they don't give you the information or the tools you need to navigate policy or communicate with policy teams. They put the burden on you, the seller, to know what they want.

The buy box is worth nothing to you if your listing is blocked.
You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your amazon seller account. You’ve spent countless dollars investing in Amazon marketing gurus to build your business and maximize sales. But you can't win the buy box if your account is suspended.

Amazon knows what kinds of sellers they want. 
Do you know how to put yourself in that group?


Over the past year, Amazon teams have been suspending accounts in place of sending warnings. They cancel listings and demand invoices, and to insist on detailed Plans of Action in the appeals process.

Do you wish you knew an Amazon insider to help with your account?


I worked at Amazon for several years restricting or removing hundreds of accounts from the platform weekly.

Now I get to use my knowledge and experience to help sellers like you.

Reliable communication with Amazon and successful sales are extremely difficult as a seller.  

I use my insider knowledge to help you work with the teams I used to work for.

As seen in
What if you knew what Amazon wanted?
  • You could focus on profits.
  •  Invest your money in expanding your business instead of Amazon consultants.
  • Get your listings back on the first appeal, instead of the fifth. 

You could get on with your day, without listening to this on a loop...

What if you knew what Amazon wanted?
  • You could focus on profits.
  •  Invest your money in expanding your business instead of Amazon consultants.
  • Get your listings back on the first appeal, instead of the fifth. 

You could get on with your day, without listening to this on a loop...

"Getting suspended when 85% of your income is from Amazon is one of the most sobering business related events that can happen to a person. I was doing my best trying to comply with all of Amazon’s guidelines when suddenly, without warning, I got that message that my selling privileges have been suspended. The truth is there are many options today to appeal reinstatement but going with Chris means you won’t waste any time on trial and error. And remember every day down cost most of us hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost sales."
“Not only was our account suspended, but we were ‘final worded’ by Amazon – a situation very hard to bounce back from. Chris was even able to overcome that and lead us to an eventual reinstatement. Chris was and continues to be essential to our business and livelihood."
"In under 4 days we received notification congratulating us that our account had been reinstated."
"We were grateful to find Chris after 7 excruciating days of being suspended, along with several days of failed ‘Plan of Action’ attempts guided by a couple of so called  “Amazon suspension consultants” that we had previously hired. After what seemed an eternity previous to Chris, we were now feeling more and more confident. We submitted Chris’s professional POA to Amazon and shortly after, we got our selling privileges reinstated.
We'll show you the exact strategy I use to craft Amazon appeals for my clients.
  • How to find the information you need to respond to policy warnings, blocked listings, and suspension.
  • How to format your appeal so Amazon actually reads it.
  • The difference between a root cause and an excuse.
  • What to put in your Plan of Action to get the best response from Amazon.
  • Why just giving Amazon your Plan of Action isn't good enough (and what to do instead).
  • What to do when you're asked for "more information".
  • The right (and wrong) time to escalate to Jeff Bezos.
Bonus #1:
The Seller Help Thyself worksheets.
Keep your strategy in the easy-to-use Seller Help Thyself workbook. Which includes:
  • The Amazon Appeal Template.
  • The Check Yourself reference guide.
  • Root Cause and Plan of Action worksheets.
  • Putting It All Together Guide: What to put in, and what to keep out of your appeal.
  • Troubleshooting guide to requests for more information.
Bonus #2: 
Q&A Resources
This is all about you.

Have your questions delivered right to my inbox. This is your chance to have me help you apply Frustration-free Amazon to your seller account. We'll give you personal guidance and solutions to Amazon's cryptic messages. 

Bonus #3: 
Private Facebook Group
Join us and other sellers in our Private Facebook group where we keep you up to date with what's going on with Amazon.

Seeing into multiple Seller Central accounts gives us a unique perspective and the ability to identify trends and see issues before they become widespread. Our private Facebook group is where we drop that knowledge.
If you're making $10,000 a day on Amazon:

Frustration-free Amazon costs less than what you would lose in sales in an hour of being suspended.

Every minute that your listings are blocked you're losing money.
Get Frustration-free Amazon for Just
  • Full access to Frustration-free Amazon and any updates for 1 year.
  • The Seller Help Thyself Worksheets
  • Access to our Members only Facebook Group
You've got questions. We've got answers.

Can’t I just ask seller help?
Seller Help doesn't know policy and are known for giving conflicting information. In fact, I have seen sellers get suspended for following Seller Help advice. Amazon doesn’t care that you were following their directions. The responsibility is on you to know and understand policy.
Can I call Amazon's policy teams and ask them?
Phones and Seller support, unless you have an Account Manager or a great relationship with the Category Manager, are not what Amazon does. You need to be ready to spend some time reading and writing emails.
I've always done it my way, so why change now?
Amazon change the way they do things on a dime. Can you? Do you feel like you spend 75% of your time problem solving with Amazon, 15% selling and 10% pulling your hair out? Are you looking for long-term Amazon strategies, rather than smash-and-grab, fly by night sales strategies? Do you want to build a business that is profitable, sustainable and easy to run? Then you need Frustration-free Amazon.

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